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Ladies Emergency kits

Hi you all! So lately i was at a public bathroom, on entering i saw a young girl standing. I didn't know that there was another girl using the toilet. The one standing at the door ask me kindly for sanitary napkin (PAD). At that time i was just getting somethings for my school practical, so i didn't walk with any. Right there i realize that every female from the age of 13 need to travel with a little emergency kit. So i went and create one for my self, **So first you need a small bag that can fit in your larger bag or backpack (a little bigger than a pencil case) MUST HAVE 1. PADS/TAMPONS 2. Panties liners 3. Small pack of wipes 4. Pain killers 5. One or two panties 6. Small bottle of Lotion/mist 7. Small hand sanitizer 8. small hand towel And you can add more to your kit but these are some the things i travel with daily cause you might never know what can happen. xoxo olivia

How i pack when traveling!

Hello again! So am pretty much excited like its my first time but anyway let get right into it, so am taking four suits, three jeans pants and a jeans dress. I start by rolling the jeans tightly to fit in my very small carry on bag, then I place all my tops on each other a roll them all together and place them in the bag. After i take the Two pairs of shoes am taking and place them in a small trash bag ( you can use a shower too). I take all my makeups ( the ones that I will need) and place them on a small zipe lock bag this is to avoid leaks and I  also did the same to my toiletries , be sure to cover the top of razers. To avoid your bras from Losing there shape you can place your under wears in the cup of the bra. I also place my jewelries in a small bag to avoid tangling. I also pack a small dressing bag to sport my dress! I also pack my flat iron to slay my hair. You maybe wondering what's in my toiletry bag. Well I have my toothbrush and paste, sanitary napkins you never know…