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Hi! Am olivia from Jamaica. kind-hearted, sweet, funny are some of the simple words i use to describe my self. I enjoy reading romantic novels and I am a lover of history of anything, I am currently reading Wiser Than Serpents by Susan May Warren. Even though am from this beautiful caribbean island with its white sandy beaches and falls i don't like getting wet but i will walk along the shore and enjoy the magnificent view. I started traveling recently both locally and internationally, and i found it some what exciting, knowing new places and meeting new people , And yes that was what i studied at college and it was a second option, actually i wanted to do sport medicine, i did found it fascinating in high school at that time. Most of my years was spent in school so after college i took a trip to the United State where i visited a few of the states and it was awesome! but i most say there are places in my own country that i have not visited yet. So a Shame! but recently i made it my duty to start exploring my island. the opportunity arise for me to visit Montego Bay for five days and thats was not the best part i got to stay in the Holiday Inn Hotel!!!! yes it was fun. I am originally from the parish of St Mary but resides in Kingston so most days am alway on the road up and down but there were places i have not  been like Devon house known for there mouth Water ice creams, the emancipation park and a lot more places. I decided to adventurous and i eventually tick those two places of my list from kingston and a lot more like truck stop known for its spicy jerk chicken, 100 for its cocktails, escape and a lot for.  Thats was just the beginning for me a lot more place is there awaits me. Next week i will be traveling to the down town part of kingston the and parts of port Royal,sounds fun just thinking about it. i will be keeping you posted. and Oh this is my first time blogging decide to just post for experiences and let others have fun with me too. LOVE!


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